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Design, Print and Mail – Frequent Questions & Answers

Why do I have to pay the full design fee? I really like your pet health brochures and postcards.  I just want to add my logo and make a couple of small changes to make it perfect for my practice.

That’s an excellent question, and we’re excited that our brochures and postcards just need a little tweaking to meet your unique practice needs.  A great deal of time and effort are put into the materials we create to make them the perfect client communication tool that veterinary practices across the United States have come to appreciate.  It takes weeks to develop and design a brochure.  Once it is designed, we have to print samples and get the word out with direct mail marketing samples sent across the United States.  Bringing a brochure to life is a tremendous expense.  The design fees help cover the development, printing and marketing of all our materials.  All the work that came before and the design and marketing effort yet to come.  In some ways the process is much like a pharmaceutical company bring a new prescription drug to market:  years of research and development followed by production and marketing.  That first pill cost millions of dollars to get to the marketplace.


How much customization can I make to a brochure or postcard?

You can edit ANY elements, including text, pictures and colors, to reflect your identity and meet your practice requirements.  You can include your own photos and logo.


I want a practice brochure but I’m not sure how to start the process.  What do I need to do?

We make it very simple!  Answer a few brief questions on our brochure order form and fax it to us.  Include your website address on the order form.  From the information found on your website, we will lay out a brochure for you to review and edit.  You can change/add any text to meet your requirements, and decide what pictures you would like to include in your brochure.  You can provide your own practice photos, or we can provide you with some of our stock photos.  You can email your practice photos and logo to us.

It will typically take two or three layout proofs before your practice brochure is ready to go to press.  Printing time is typically 7-10 days plus UPS shipping time to deliver your brochures.


Postage for 16¢ – what is this new service from the Post Office called Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM)?

Even in this Internet-smitten age, postcard marketing is a powerful medium for the small-business owner.  You can inexpensively and easily drive pet owners to your website and your practice.

Every Door Direct Mail® has been a proven winner for our veterinary clients.  We now have practices that routinely use EDDM to promote their practice, ordering 5,000, 10,000 or 20,000 postcards at a time.  It’s a far better and less expensive choice than investing in a Yellow Pages ads that are rarely viewed anymore as most Yellow Pages quickly find their way to the recycling container.

Here is how EDDM works:  We design your super-size 61/2"x11" Every Door Direct Mail® postcard.  We print your postcard and ship it to you.  You go to the USPS website  Using the delivery route mapping tool, you enter the ZIP code of the neighborhood(s) you are interested in marketing to.  When you enter the zip code a route list and map of all the local USPS carrier routes are displayed.  You select the carrier routes where you would like your EDDM postcards delivered.  The USPS website generates the postal documents required.  You pay online or at the post office (16¢ per postcard).  You take your documents and postcards to the neighborhood post office in bundles of 100.  Your cards are delivered the next day.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ADDRESS OR STAMP YOUR POSTCARDS!  The letter carrier will place your postcard in every mail box on the carrier routes you selected.  IT’S THAT SIMPLE!


Ask us! If you have any additional questions just ask us and we will be happy to answer.


I would like to try a practice newsletter.  Why do some practice newsletters get read while others get trashed?

Designing a great-looking newsletter is almost an art form – but we make it easy.  The most successful practice newsletters have outstanding layout/design elements that invite clients into your newsletter.  They are fun and easy to read.  Newsletters should have a “soft side” – you don’t want a newsletter chock full of disease issues.  It’s depressing and a client turn-off.  Clients want to be entertained while learning a few things that will help them take better care of their pets.  Clients want to learn more about you and your staff.  Staff photos, a heartwarming story about the hospital cat, a “behind-the-scenes” picture of the lighter side of pet ownership are just a few powerful ways to entertain and BOND clients to your practice.


Do you provide mailing services?

YES...we can do it all for you.  We can bar code address your newsletters, postcards or vaccination reminders using our USPS Business Mail Discount Permit.  You will need to provide your mailing list in an Excel, DBF, CSV or text file format.  This allows us to process your mailing list through our USPS software, which will validate the addresses to receive the discount postage fee.  Plus, we will check for move updates for any of your clients who have filed a change of address form with the USPS.


What about promotional expiration dates on postcards and newsletters?

You want to print 2,000 dental postcards with a 20% OFF savings offer but are concerned about putting an expiration date on them.  You could get overwhelmed with dental appointments.  What should you do?  Rather than put “expires on 3/30/13,” we can print “expires 30 or 60 days from postmark.”  This allows you to mail your cards out in batches of 200 - 500 and use them anytime of the year...especially helpful when you hit a slow patch in your business and need to kick some marketing into gear.

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