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You can't sit back and expect clients and revenue to find you!  That's why a powerful client communications program is a must.

We design and print distinctive veterinary communication materials for practice growth

Veterinary Practice Brochure Design

Why we are unique –

We have provided graphic design services to veterinary practices for more than 20 years. Our materials are economically priced and professionally designed to best reflect your practice identity and message.  We listen – when it comes to your requests we like to say "we can do that."

We make it easy –

With our many design selections we have the "heavy lifting" already done for you. If desired, you can provide your own copy or edit ANY of our provided copy to meet your individual practice requirements.  We encourage you to include your logo and your own favorite practice photos.
LEARN MORE: 5 Reasons to Use a Graphic Designer.


Better design means better communication, which provides increased pet owner understanding of the value of your services.

Practice Brochure

USPS Every Door Mail

Pet Care Brochures

Pet Care Postcards

Report Cards

Internet Pharmacies


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Showcase your practice and the investment you have made with a professionally designed practice brochure.  It's the perfect marketing tool for phone shoppers, pet fairs, animal shelters and existing clients too.

If you had a practice brochure, both new and existing clients would know ALL the services your practice has to offer.  Showcase your practice and increase pet owner awareness.

Do Your Clients Know?

•  you treat exotic and pocket pets

•  you provide an online pet health store

•  you provide behavioral counseling and hospice

•  you offer laser therapy and acupuncture services

•  you offer boarding, daycare and grooming services

•  you offer PetPortals® as a pet health resource service

•  you specialize in dental care and its pet health benefits

•  they can follow your practice on Facebook® or YouTube®

•  you have a state-of-the-art facility with digital X-rays and more


Every Door Direct Mail® is a new service by the USPS that is making direct mail marketing SIMPLER and CHEAPER!

Now you can reach every address in the area surrounding your veterinary practice – with Every Door Direct Mail® service.


How does it work?

You pick the neighborhoods you want to reach, and a Postal Service letter carrier distributes your supersized practice postcard (61/2"x11") while delivering the day’s mail.


It really works!

It’s a powerful and cost-effective way to market to the new customers in your neighborhood. Ask us to design your EDDM postcard today!

• INEXPENSIVE – postage is 18¢ per piece!

• NO – postage permit or mailing list to purchase!

• NO – addressing or labeling service fees!

• FAST DELIVERY – processed at your neighborhood post office!

• SUPERSIZED (61/2"x11") – we can design a stunning card with room to deliver a powerful message.

• DESIGN, PRINT& MAIL – 5,000 cards costs about 39¢ apiece.

According to BizReport 2010, up to 85% of customers come from a 5-mile radius.  Reach every address in the area surrounding your veterinary practice – with Every Door Direct Mail® service.  .

ASK US!  Have a special topic in mind?  Ask us to design it for you.

Customized Pet Health Brochures – a Powerful Client Communication Tool!

Pet Health Brochures are the PERFECT practice marketing tool to educate, show value, display quality and your loving veterinary care.

Professionally unique and customized to meet your practice’s requirements, a personalized pet health awareness brochure is the perfect client take-home piece.  The average person will remember only 20 PERCENT of what he or she HEARS.  Every client should go home with your customized practice and/or pet health awareness brochure.

Keep in touch!

Smart business owners are doing just that – with postcards!

High-impact postcard marketing, one of the least expensive forms of direct mail, can work wonders (when designed correctly) for the veterinary practice that wants to increase client education, improve pet owner compliance and boost practice revenue.

The Internet is “COOL” but

postcards are “tried-and-true.”

Even in this Internet-smitten age, postcard marketing is a powerful medium for the small-business owner.  You can educate your clients on important pet health topics, sell products, drive clients to your website, announce your practice to new neighbors and much, much more.

You can reach more clients!

Emails to clients typically have an open rate of 20% – 45%.  So what should you do to reach the 65% – 80% of clients who never see your message?  Direct mail – because it works.  Direct mail is difficult to ignore because, when designed right, it’s creative, tactile and tangible; plus, the entire family can see your pet health message about their “best friend.”   There is no spam filter on your USPS mailbox or mouse button to click and send to trash.  If it’s a postcard or tri-fold newsletter you’re mailing, your clients will see some part of your message even if your mailing is making a quick trip to their trash.

Wellness Care & Dental Awareness Care Report Cards

When clients understand more, they’re more likely to act on your recommendations. Informed clients are your best clients.

See the difference we can make in your client communication materials. We offer a variety of practice report cards, from our four-page comprehensive wellness report card to our economical 4"x9" dental report card.

Adding Client Value

You just gave your clients an invoice for their office visit – did you give them a wellness report card so they understand the “VALUE” of your professional services and your recommendations?

REMEMBER – price is only an issue in the absence of “VALUE.”  Educate your clients on the value of the services your provide!

Pet Internet pharmacies are seeing explosive

sales growth and are pocketing your income!


FIGHT BACK!     (fax order form)

Educate your clients and KEEP your pharmacy income with our standard or customized Internet pharmacy brochure!  This “must-have” brochure includes SEVEN IMPORTANT reasons why your hospital pharmacy is your clients' best choice for pet care products.

“You are the patient’s best advocate, and it’s in the pet’s best interest to receive medications through you.  For these reasons, we can’t roll over.   We must fight this encroachment and educate clients.”

              – Mark Opperman / Veterinary Economics


    "Great job on the newsletter. Our clients wanted to read more.  December is normally a slow month for us but our revenue increased by $25,000. Thanks!"


    – Veterinary Practice in Northern California


    "Our Dental Postcards just started to arrive in our clients' mail box and they are already calling to book appointments.  Our clients commented on the dental card and were very impressed. Thanks!"


    – Veterinary Practice in Southern California


    Ever Door Direct Mail Success!

    “We’ve gotten such a nice response rate on our last 5,000 EDDM postcard.  90% of the NEW CLIENTS we have coming in now tell us they received our postcard.  We’ve also gotten some wonderful comments on how nice they look!  Thank you so much for making us look so good!


    – Veterinary Practice in Southern Florida


    Each week and each month they keep on doing it... because it works!  Have you ever wondered why your mailbox is filled with postcards, flyers and letters from businesses big and small?


    Did you know these direct mail facts?

    •  98% of all consumers bring in their mail the day it is delivered.

    •  77% sort through it immediately.

    •  55% “look forward” to discovering the mail they receive.

    •  72% of people surveyed said they read direct mail.

    •  52% of American households say they purchase products and services advertised through direct mail.

    •  Combining direct mail with other marketing activities increases your marketing program payback.


    We currently have two specials available.

    1. Purchase 4,000 of your practice brochure or pet health brochure and receive 1,000 FREE.  Write 1,000 FREE on your order form to receive this special.

    2. Purchase 2 Pet Health Brochure designs and receive the 3rd design FREE. Write FREE DESIGN on your order form to receive this special.


    Pet Nutrition Brochure with "Making Sense of Pet Food Label Names"

    (view sample)


    The 6"x11" Postcard Newsletter

    Conventional thinking says a newsletter is a great way to keep your name in front of clients and potential clients. But if you’re going to grab attention in the chaos of the digital marketplace, you’ve got to think unconventional.  How? By re-inventing big business ideas in small business terms – smart, practical and cost-conscious. You can view a sample of our Newsletter Postcard in our design portfolio section.


    The winner will receive 1,000 standard size customized pet health awareness postcards.


    Click on the ENTER TO WIN link on our Design Sample Portfolio page.

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